Investments amounted to R$1.8 million in 2017, of which R$1.1 million was allocated to industrial and forestry maintenance. Investments in Structural Competitiveness and Adjacent Businesses projects amounted to R$490 million and were allocated mainly to the debottlenecking project at the Imperatriz Unit in Maranhão and to the Tissue projects in Maranhão and Bahia. Other investments amounted to R$166 million, which included projects such as:  installation of a new Cut Size line, new Crystallizer; and new Wastewater Treatment Plant in Mucuri, Bahia. 

For 2018, capex is estimated at R$2.4 billion, of which R$1.2 billion corresponds to sustaining capex and R$1.2 billion to concluding the Adjacent Businesses and Structural Competitiveness projects.



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