Mission, Vision and Values


To offer renewable forestry-based products, pulp and paper, distinguishing ourselves globally by the development of innovative solutions and the continual search for excellence and sustainability in our operations.


Strong and gentle

To be among the largest and most profitable forestry-based companies in the world and be recognized for practices that respect people and the environment.


  • Integrity and Safety
    Conservation of life as a fundamental company value, of transparency and ethical principles as the cornerstones of all and any actions or decisions.
  • Social and Environmental Responsibility
    See company business and its impacts from a sustainable perspective, contributing to the social, environmental and economic development of society.
  • Excellence
    Constantly strive for excellence in all that we do, following best practices and ensuring sustainable, high standard results.
  • Global Vision
    Go beyond company borders and understand the business environment as a web of interdependent relationships.
  • Leadership
    Inspire and manage people and teams to support company strategies.
  • Entrepreneurship
    Look for new business perspectives and mobilize resources for their implementation.
  • Quality Relationships
    Create an environment where transparente, respectful and trustworthy relationships can be fostered.
  • Passion
    Supports the work environment with energy, autonomy and motivation through high level dedication and commitment.
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